PPO ABOGADOS, the first law firm in Bolivia recognized as a "Great Place to Work"

PPO ABOGADOS has become the first law firm in the country to receive the certification from “Great Place to Work”, which is one of the most experienced and prestigious organizations that evaluates workplaces worldwide. The certification is based on a survey that analyzes the office’s management practices and work culture.

The “Great Place to Work” organization has been present in Bolivia for more than 30 years now, using a methodology that qualifies the experience, commitment, trust, and well-being of employees. Companies that intend to obtain certification must undergo an evaluation of their management practices and human resources.

Alejandro Pemintel, a managing partner, said: “We do everything possible to attract the most talented professionals in the country. The “Great Place to Work” certification is proof that we have created a workplace where our professionals feel motivated and safe, and the conditions are in place for them to thrive and excel. The certification prioritizes the well-being of all employees, and cultures professional growth, inclusion, genuine learning, care, and empathy.”

Established in 2015, PPO employs 127 collaborators, including 67 lawyers, 56% of whom are women. PPO is fully committed to diversity and inclusion, fundamental values of our corporate culture. The firm is also committed to the social community, so it actively supports society by investing more than 700 hours of work pro bono per year.

Daniela Paredes, PPO Manager, said: “Since a new member joins our firm, we do everything possible to make him or her feel welcome at PPO. Our open and inclusive attitude contributes to the high job satisfaction of our team and translates into a great performance of our team. It is our honor to be the first certified Bolivian law firm as a Great Place to Work. It also shows how, in the last three years, after our rebranding, and implementing our new strategy and values, we have built a culture based on trust and respect.”

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