Practice Area

Public Contracting

PPO`s Public Law team has a vast experience providing consultancy services as well as in contentious issues in the different areas of Administrative Law, Regulatory and Constitutional Law. Among its services the counseling it habitually provides in public bidding and award processes stands out, as well advise for the execution of contracts for the development of public infrastructure (roads, railroads, hospitals, airports and the construction of industrial plants) and supply contract for goods and services subscribed with the different State entities, counseling with respect to compliance with the normative applicable to regulated sectors (Hydrocarbons, Energy, Mining, Water, Transportation, Telecommunications, Banking, Insurance and Environment) as well as counseling with respect to the defense of competition. Additionally, the Public Law team has significant experience defending clients, both from regulated as well as nonregulated industries, with respect to controls and administrative sanctioning processes filed by the different State entities.


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