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Over the years, our lawyers have changed the way legal services are provided in Bolivia.

Our story – The Disruption.

PPO started in 2011, when a group of internationally trained lawyers decided to move back to Bolivia to offer commercially friendly legal services with international standards in the Bolivian market – a change from the status quo of traditional, family-run law firms.

Our approach was simple: we wanted to focus on our clients by meeting their needs and excelling while doing so.

In doing this, we wanted our clients to feel that they had an ally in our firm, a strategic partner who considered their challenges as our own. And that we would strive to meet those challenges with our skills and resources, communicating sophisticated yet real solutions and strategies in accessible language.

Institutionally, we envisioned a law firm focused on hiring, training and retaining the most talented lawyers in Bolivia to operate on a completely inclusive and merit-based platform, irrespective of their gender, race, socio-economic status or background.

Back then, our competitors considered us misfits and rebels for pursuing a new model for legal services in Bolivia. The client market reacted favorably, however, resulting in an extraordinary innovative disruption in the legal market, forever changing the way that firms and lawyers serve clients in Bolivia.

Who we are.

Today, PPO is a market-leader in headcount, geographical footprint and client base. But above all else, we are an all-inclusive law firm, mindful and empathetic with respect to the different problems that our society faces, and are dedicated to helping to resolve them, one step at a time.

We are fully committed to hiring, training and retaining the most talented lawyers in Bolivia. Doing so allows us to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

What we do.

PPO stands out for its exceptional experience in all areas of business law, advising and representing local and international clients with respect to their endeavors and investments.

We have strived for specialization, based on our belief that specialized services result in the most efficient and effective legal services. As a result, we have established highly specialized practice groups in corporate and commercial law, tax, employment, administrative law and regulation, disputes, compliance and intellectual property.

Our practice areas are amongst the very best in the country, recognized by all leading international rankings and directories.

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Santa Cruz
Av San Martin N° 155
Edif. Ambassador Business Center | Piso 18

La Paz
Av Ballivián N° 555
Edif. El Dorial | Piso 14

Calle Papa Paulo N° 604
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Calle Bolívar N° 326
Centro histórico

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