Plaza Urbanización Cañoto in Las Palmas experiences a revitalization thanks to the collaboration between PPO Abogados and Paints Coral

During the last weekend of February 3 and 4, the Cañoto Urbanization Square in Las Palmas was the scene of an ambitious revitalization project promoted by PPO Abogados in the framework of its activities of Corporate Social Responsibility, and Coral Paintings, with its Global Program “Vení al Color” by AkzoNobel. More than 40 volunteers, including volunteers from PPO Abogados, Pintura Coral, and local residents. A landscape designer and talented artist, Renate Hollweg came together to carry out this initiative.

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Challenges and solutions in Bolivia’s legal framework for investment in lithium and technological minerals

We are in an era marked by technological advances and shifts in the global energy landscape, which has led to a shift in the mining industry’s interest from traditional industrial minerals, such as tin or zinc, to those of increasing importance like lithium, technological minerals, and rare earth elements. These minerals are crucial for the production of batteries, electronic circuits, microchips, and other high-demand electronic components.

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The challenge of women in law and intellectual property

Every day is a good day to appreciate the work of professionals who have dedicated years of their lives to the practice of a field of knowledge.

On this occasion, and in commemoration of International Women’s Day, I extend my greetings to my professional colleagues and to every woman who has devoted and continues to devote, her knowledge and efforts to fields related to Law or other areas.

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Importance of registration in the face of third party use

In the past few decades, informal commerce has witnessed a substantial surge in Bolivia. It is common to encounter individuals offering products on the streets identified with trademarks, many of which are well-known brands. However, these trademarks are frequently utilized without proper authorization, as they are owned by other rights holders.

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Mining Reports

Mining Report Edition Nº6

Given the pre-colonial existence of indigenous communities, nations and rural indigenous peoples, the Bolivian State recognizes among its fundamental bases their participation in the different areas of economic development, such as mining. That is to say that, from the beginning, the mining activity carried out in Bolivia has been conditioned not only by purely legal and technical aspects, but also  includes an extremely strong and determining social component when  it is carried out. 

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Mining Report Edition Nº5

As a result of fiscal rescue policies and public spending geared towards welfare, combined with trade conflicts among economic powers, many countries face the challenge of ensuring stability and promoting economic growth.

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Mining Report Edition Nº4

Within the framework of the objectives of the Bolivian Government, the country advances in the transition from traditional mining to technological mining, focused on the exploration, prospecting, exploitation, and commercialization of technological minerals and rare earths. This initiative seeks to diversify the national economy and increase the income generated by mining. 

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