Authors: Pablo Ordoñez

Pablo Ordóñez, founding partner of PPO, has been awarded the recognition of Highly Regarded from the London-based International Tax Review (ITR) for his work as legal advisor specialized in tax matters, which makes him stand out as the only Bolivian attorney to become part of Tax Leaders 2020, stated the information of Xtrategia.

Ordóñez, who has a Master’s Degree in Taxation granted by Centro de Estudios Garrigues in Madrid, has also pursued studies in Compared Fiscal Policy at Harvard University’s Kennedy School. He leads the team of taxation attorneys at PPO, the largest law firm in the country, adds Xtrategia.

“It was this team, with Ordóñez at the helm, that promoted various recent viable tax reform proposals in Bolivia, some of which inspired the government and were incorporated into Supreme Decree 4298/2020 dated July 24; which created tax incentives for economic reactivation during and after the pandemic, additionally instituting a special tax regime aimed at promoting the creation of new companies”, states the firm.

What tax measures could be applied within a brief term?

The transition government proposed several initiatives, three of which I consider highly important and I believe it is fair to recognize their work. Firstly, it approved Supreme Decree 4198 that includes different tax measures so that taxpayers will be able to address the impacts of Covid-19. Thereafter, it proposed a bill, that is currently at the Legislative Assembly, aimed at reducing the prescription period of tax obligations, adjusting the tax regime for the export of services, as well as establishing a regularization program.

Finally, it approved Decree 4298, which contains a broad range of measures whose aim is to promote economic reactivation, which includes the Special Transition System for the Integration of Entrepreneurs to the General Regime (SIETE – RG) which is a novel intermediate regime between the simplified tax regime and the general tax regime, whose aim is to incorporate entrepreneurs and professionals to the formal scheme, offering very favorable and advantageous tax conditions. Our professional team was very active publicly proposing various ideas for fiscal reform, some of which, were welcomed by the government, for example, those foreseen in SIETE – RG.

What type of legal counseling does PPO provide?

PPO has a team of tax advisors that provides integral services, which include support to ensure compliance with tax obligations, permanent tax-related counseling and sponsorship of administrative tax proceedings and litigations. The team is composed of very creative professionals with a sound juridical and financial-accounting background, as well as professional experience at the local and international level. The team’s mission is to support our clients so as to ensure compliance with their tax obligations in an efficient manner, to which effect it relies on the principles of ethics and transparency that constitute the foundation of PPO.

What other specialized legal services are offered by PPO? PPO has a particular specialization in mergers & acquisitions, financing, fiscal normative at the international and domestic level, public contracting and litigation, practices in the areas of intellectual property, arbitration, compliance and labor legislation. Even though we have an ample portfolio of corporate clients from different sectors, we are the leaders in the provision of legal counseling to strategic industries such as mining, hydrocarbons, technology, transportation, telecommunications and electricity.


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