PPO Jóvenes

At PPO we are convinced that the young attorneys of today will be the future leaders of tomorrow. In that sense, we have the “PPO Jóvenes” program, the only one of its kind in Bolivia.

The PPO Jóvenes program has three essential objectives: (1) To recruit the best law students in the country with interest in developing their professional practices, facilitating them the possibility of working hand in hand with attorneys who are at the top of the profession; (2) to provide specialized mentoring to trainees and junior associates in the development of their professional careers in three areas of work: (a) continuing legal education, with support for postgraduate studies in Bolivia and abroad, (b) work-life balance, and (c) development of innovation and social impact projects; and, finally, (3) disseminating our highly specialized knowledge in the various universities and academic forums in Bolivia.

PPO Jóvenes is an integral space of professional practice for future attorneys

Fall in love with your profession

PPO Experience

Recruit talented law students who want to start their professional practices and also identify with PPO and its values

PPO Mentorship

The mentoring program seeks to accompany young interns and junior associates in the development of their professional careers under 3 main areas of work: academic, work-life balance, and innovation and social impact projects.

PPO Knowledge

This pillar works through strategic alliances with universities and organizations seeking to provide the knowledge of our expert professionals through: talks, webinars and events.

Upon successful completion of the Program, the interns will have the opportunity to apply to be part of the PPO's professional team, for which their performance will be evaluated throughout the professional internships.

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