PPO has extensive experience advising local and foreign clients in all stages of their business and mining ventures in Bolivia, from obtaining their mineral rights, exploration, and development, to operation and closure.

Additionally, our team advices on the processes of sale, acquisition, and consolidation of mining rights. PPO also advices its clients in their interaction with local authorities, including compliance with mining laws and regulations, and execution of administrative agreements and mining production agreements with state entities, such as the Bolivian Mining Corporation (COMIBOL).

  • Advice on the request to obtain and consolidate rights over mining assets.
  • Advice on Administrative and Regulatory Law.
  • Development of legal audits on companies with mining rights.
  • Drafting and strategic legal advice in negotiating purchase and sale agreements of mining companies, risk-sharing agreements, agreements for providing services to mining companies, and others involving the industry.
  • Advice on multiple practices regarding matters that affect mining operations, including advice on labor law, tax law, intellectual property, antitrust, and regulatory law.
  • Advice on local and international financing for the purchase of mining assets.
  • Issuance of legal opinions in accordance with the laws of Bolivia.


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